Cosmetic eyelid surgery

The numerous medical techniques available today make it possible to treat the early signs of eye aging in a non-invasive manner. When the changes are too significant, surgery is necessary.


It allows you to obtain excellent results with the following advantages:

  • surgery performed on an ambulatory basis,
  • simple post-operative care,
  • rapid recovery
  • definitive effectiveness


Cosmetic eyelid surgery includes all surgical interventions of the upper and lower eyelids, also called blepharoplasty, to beautify and rejuvenate the look according to the age and needs of the patients.


During cosmetic eyelid surgery we take care to restore a more youthful, luminous look while maintaining the natural appearance of your face.
During this operation several objectives can be sought:

  • reduce excess skin thanks to an upper or lower eyelid lift
  • reduce excess fat to treat bags under the eyes
  • fill in a lack of volume around the eyes in the upper eyelids for very hollow eyelids and in the lower eyelids for very hollow dark circles.


These operations can be associated with medical laser or injection techniques in order to optimize the result concerning the wrinkles of the eyelids, pigmented dark circles, expression lines of the crow’s feet of the forehead or frown lines. For example.
All these indications are discussed in consultation with Doctor Bela in order to meet your expectations while maintaining a natural and harmonious facial expression and gaze.

Lower and upper blepharoplasty and eyebrow lift

Blepharoplasty is the term for surgery of the lower and upper eyelids.


These operations can be performed with the aim of treating the signs of aging or correcting constitutional defects around the eyes.


This will mainly involve either reducing excess tissue, more precisely skin or fat; or on the contrary to correct an insufficient volume in the periocular region by repositioning or transplanting the fat cells in the upper or lower eyelids.


The eyelids and your gaze are analyzed in consultation by Doctor Bela as a whole and it is very important to evaluate the gaze in relation to the rest of the face, particularly the eyebrow.

  • The upper eyelids may fall due to excess skin, which hides the mobile eyelid. This excess is removed through upper blepharoplasty surgery. Over time, the eyebrow loses its bone and fatty support, the natural strength of the facial muscles pulls the eyebrow downward, which accentuates the heaviness of the upper eyelids. We can therefore combine at the same time treatment of eyebrow loss with eyebrow lift surgery.
  • The lower eyelids may also have excess skin and pockets of fat visible through the skin. Both aspects are treated with lower blepharoplasty surgery.
1 to 2 hours in outpatient surgery
Local anaesthesia with or without sedation. General anaesthesia when necessary.
  • Anesthesia consultation before surgery
  • Fasting on the day of the operation
  • Outing with a bandage that does not cover the eye
  • Be accompanied when leaving
  • Same evening battery life
Do not do sport, put your head under water or wear make-up for a week. Swelling and bruising are systematic and disappear within 15 days.   A transient dry eye sensation requiring artificial tears for a month

Day 1: Meeting with Dr. Bela to remove the dressing
D7: removal of sutures
M1: final result


This treatment is permanent and for life

– Upper blepharoplasty: from 3500.-

– Lower blepharoplasty: from 6000.-

– Eyebrow lift or brow lift: from 4500.-

These quotes are noted for information purposes only and will be adjusted according to your specific needs

Lipostructure and Lipofilling

Lipofilling was developed by Dr. Coleman and this technique has further improved over time.


Lipostructure is a surgical procedure consisting of using your own fat taken from areas where the fat is of good quality and stable over time in order to correct a lack of volume in targeted areas. In the field of eyelid and eye surgery, it will essentially be a question of filling a lack of volume at the level of the dark circle, at the level of the orbital bony rim around the eye, at the level of the eyebrow, at the level of the temples and finally at the level of the valley of tears and cheekbones.


The main benefit of this intervention is that it allows, thanks to an autograft, lasting results over time without any risk of rejection unlike hyaluronic acid injections.
It is nevertheless an operation. After making a millimeter incision on the inner side of the thighs or on the stomach, the surgeon takes a few milliliters of fat using a cannula. The fat is then centrifuged and purified to make small MicroFat particles. This fat is then reinjected into the face in the hollow areas showing a significant loss of volume (dark circles, cheekbones, temples, eyebrows).


The modalities of this surgery will be discussed in consultation. This procedure can be combined with surgery of the upper and lower eyelids in order to optimize the results in rejuvenating the eyes and carry out additional procedures such as excision of excess skin or pockets of fat around the eyes.

45 minutes in outpatient surgery
local with sedation or general
  • Anesthesia consultation before surgery
  • Fasting on the day of the operation
  • Same day discharge without bandages and without sutures on the face
  • Be accompanied when leaving

Do not exercise, put your head under water, or wear makeup for a week


Swelling and bruising visible for a week


A suture at the sampling point next to the knee

Day 1: Meeting with Dr. Bela to remove the dressing

D7: removal of sutures

M3: The final results are visible after 3 months because this fat decreases by 20% within 3 months.

This treatment is visible in the long term and the results are visible for life.

If there is a significant change in weight, the fat changes. The treatment can then be repeated every 10 years.

  • Lipostructure alone: from 5500.-
  • Lipostructure associated with lower blepharoplasty: from 8500.-
  • Lipostructure associated with upper and lower blepharoplasty: from 12,000.-


This procedure is often combined with surgical blepharoplasty to obtain better results.


These quotes are noted for information purposes only and will be adjusted according to your specific needs.

How much does eyelid surgery cost?

Prices for cosmetic eyelid surgery vary depending on the duration of the procedure and the type of anesthesia. A tailor-made quote will be made in consultation according to the intervention necessary for an optimal result in your comfort and safety. The price of an aesthetic eyelid surgical procedure starts at 3,500 CHF. This includes surgery, anesthesia, the entire stay in the clinic as well as post-operative checks carried out by Doctor Bela at the office. In some cases the upper eyelids are so heavy that they block part of the visual field. In this case a request for coverage can be sent to health insurance.

What is the right age for blepharoplasty?

It is rare to consider upper or lower eyelid cosmetic surgery before the age of 30. Except in rare cases where patients have congenital eye defects, notably prominent pockets of fat or conversely a very hollow ring requiring eyelid surgery. Most often the skin of the upper eyelids becomes heavy after the age of 40, while the skin of the lower eyelids begins to wrinkle around the age of 30 but does not require surgery until the age of 40.

What are the alternatives to eyelid surgery?

Eyelid surgery is not essential in all cases. It all depends on the problem to be treated. In the upper eyelids there are techniques known as medical blepharoplasty to treat sagging skin in the upper eyelids using non-surgical and minimally invasive technical assistance such as laser, fractional radiofrequency or peelings. This is reserved for minimal excess skin, touch-ups after surgery, the wrinkled appearance of the lower eyelids without real excess skin.

How long does lipofilling take?

Preparation of the harvesting site, fat harvesting, rinsing and filtration of the fat to obtain optimal graft size without debris toxic to the fat cells, and finally reinjection of the fat into areas of the face lacking volume. These stages require at least 1 hour of surgery. Most often, these four steps are combined with eyelid surgery: upper and lower eyelid blepharoplasty. This is why the duration of the entire procedure is usually more like 2 hours 30 minutes.

Is blepharoplasty painful?

Eyelid surgery, also called blepharoplasty, whether aesthetic or medical, takes place in conditions of optimal comfort and safety for patients. Most generally upper eyelid surgery is done under local anesthesia. This consists, after the application of an anesthetic cream, of injecting local anesthesia directly into the eyelids. This allows an operation without any pain. When this is necessary, additional sedation is offered in order to allow, in addition to the pain-relieving action of anesthesia, a relaxing action of sedation. For the lower eyelids, sedation is more frequent because the interventions can be slightly more painful and longer, allowing you an optimal level of comfort. Finally, if associated procedures such as lipofilling or lipostructure are planned, general anesthesia is often recommended.